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This was the first webtoon I had perused and it's fascinating in light of the fact that the main reason I began perusing was the title. In the wake of being welcome to the God of High School competition and its prize of a desire that makes anything work out as expected, Dae-Wi partakes to fix his companion of the infection. It's clever on the grounds that she'd be the first to disclose to you that she is the weakest and for the most part futile individual in the trio yet I never observed it like that. I will say however that a few characters are extremely forgettable so you may need to take a gander at prior parts to considerably recollect someone's identity.

Read The God of High School 356 raw english online for free.
Here you can read The God of High School 356 raw english online for free.

All that being said it's a moderately solid cast and it has great Protaganists which comprise of:She is the swordsman (or swords lady for this situation) of the gathering and in the start of the arrangement she had this blended identity which is extremely entertaining. There's a manga for that. Jin Tae-Jin is an elderly man of obscure age, the assenting granddad of arrangement hero Jin Mo-Ri, and the man who showed Mo-Ri his claim to fame of Re-Taekwondo.